Luxury bed for dog
Offer them quality sleep!

A creator of comfort for your pets...

Inspired by a passion, GiusyPop has designed and created pet sofas that bring them perfect comfort by allowing you to easily integrate this trendy furniture to your interior:

The luxury pet bed Armonia will seduce the whole family!

Sleep is precious and VITAL for pets!

On average, a dog sleeps 12 hours a day and a cat 17 hours. So, they spend about half of their lives asleep.

The sleep function is the same for animals as it is for humans, filling various essential physiological and psychological needs.

A lack of sleep can cause behavioural problems (sadness, aggressive behaviour, disorientation, problems of concentration...).

Pet sofa design and comfort
Strong points

Very resistant to wear - Soft touch
Easy to clean (Easyclean technology)
Machine washable

Optional accessories:

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Luxury pet sofa Giusypop

Pet protective plaids - Luxury and comfort

Spare covers for Armonia pet bed by Giusypop
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Design pet bed

A bed for your dog or cat that is well design, comfortable, solid and convenient?

Looking for a dog or cat basket ? But why not a pet chair that is chic and cozy, with a removable, easy to maintain, machine washable and very wear-resistant cover? A storage drawer to make your life easier? An orthopedic bed that will protect your companions from joint problems?

Look no further, the Armonia cat and dog sofa bed by Giusypop is for you and your 4-legged friends!

Invest in long-term sleeping quality for dogs and cats. The Armonia that will bring them optimal well-being!

Original, elegant, and functional, this pet furniture has timeless design that will seduce the whole family!

luxury pet bed
pet bed taupe with blanket zebra
removable pet bed
removable dog bed

dog and cat sofa small size
Memory foam dog bed medium size
Raised dog bed
elevated pet bed