Pet sofa fabric Innova high quality

100% removable - Machine washable at 40 °

This set is composed of 6 items: the sofa, its drawer front, its central bed and its 3 comfort cushions. These covers are made to measure for the ARMONIA sofa.

They are available in two trendy and timeless colours: grey and taupe and two sizes : Small and Medium.

The three cushions form a harmonious whole and a touch of originality bringing more comfort and privacy to your companion ; they will feel even safer in a more confined place, which may be more suited to their size. They are equipped with anti-scrap tabs that ensure a secure fit. The lining is made of 100% polyester, hypoallergenic silicone fibres, soft but supple to easily return to its initial shape.

The fasteners used are hook and loop fasteners for the structure and zippers for the central bed and the 3 cushions.

Innovative technology - Easy clean

Our choice of materials has been focused on high-end INNOVA upholstery fabric to preserve :

softness, comfort, aesthetics and resistance to wear.

Its texture is velvety, with a peach skin effect, which makes its surface especially soft. Its weight is 550 grams / m2, which ensures very good usability. This fabric offers excellent technical performance and has high resistance to wear and abrasion.

Its innovative "Easy Clean" technology makes it easy to remove most stains with just plain water and mild soap. This makes it possible to preserve the longevity of its appearance.

34% Polyester
25% Polyamide
25% Acrylic
16% Cotton

Washing cover
Pet sofa with slipcover - Wash instructions

Easy cleanSoft touchGreyTaupeAbrasion resistanceReach compliance


Dimensions of the removable cover for Armonia sofa