Well choose the size of the sofa for your cat or dog


Designed for maximum comfort

The Armonia sofa has raised edges: your companion can use it either as a headrest or to snuggle against the walls and feel more protected: comfortable in all positions.
It should not be too small because your pet should be able to roll up into a ball ,or too large because it must feel safe.

The sofa’s location is also important. Avoid placing it in a passage way (entrance, corridor). It must preserve the living space of your animal.

Your companion deserves their place at the heart of your family.

Offer him his personal living space!


In order to choose the size of your pet's bed, it is recommended to take the measurement with a rigid measure when the animal is sitting. Be careful as the measurements may vary depending on the position of the dog

Measure the length from the base of the tail to the truffle (in a straight line). This measurement should be more than 60 cm for size S and 80 cm for size M.

But you know the habits of your pet, and if it does not tend to lie down completely but prefers to roll up in a ball or to put his head on the ledge, you can opt for a size that will suit him best. The important thing is that it is comfortably installed.
If he likes to stretch and the measurements are between two sizes, it is better to opt for the larger size.

If your companion already has a bed in which his position is comfortable, you can take the measurements of the cushion and compare them with those of GiusyPop.

How to measure your cat or dog for his sofa Armonia

size for your pet sofa

FOR INFORMATION: Some examples of breeds of animals. The list is not exhaustive.
It is important to take measurements of your companion because each animal has its own morphology.

Cushion Size
Cushion Size
All breeds of cats
Bichon Frize and Maltese
Cairn Terrier
Poodle Toy and Dwarf
Cavalier King Charles
Jack Russel
Shih tzu
Dwarf spitz
Yorkshire terrier

cushion for dog memory foam size Small 40 cm x 59 cm
All breeds of cats
Berger Shetland
Border collie
French Bulldog
Bull Terrier
English Cocker Spaniel
American Cocker Spaniel
Fox terrier
Schnauzer medium
Springer Spaniel
cushion for dog memory foam size Medium - 50 cm x 77 cm