secure payment CIC MONETICO and PAYPAL

Our payment methods

We have chosen the fully secure payment solution of the French bank CIC via their CM-CIC Payment module (Monetico Payment), which uses the latest technologies to ensure the maximum security of your payments by credit card on the Internet.

CM-CIC payment

Secure payment via internet by CM-CIC that guarantees compliance with the latest security standards.

secure payment CIC MONETICO

Paypal Payment

We can also offer you
an other secure online payment method:

secure payment CIC MONETICO

PayPal in 4 times

From 50€ of purchase,
you can choose a payment in 4 times.

secure payment Paypal
The data you provide on your credit card (card number and expiry date) are totally encrypted (TSL technology) and exclusively read and recorded by the CIC bank via their CM-CIC Payment (Monetico Payment) module, which verifies your data.

All this information remains confidential between you and the CIC bank and Paypal, it is not transmitted to our server.

If you have any issues with your payment, please contact PayPal Help.