Plaid for pet sofa

Softness and originality

And for the finishing touch, opt for plaid in imitation fur, a decorative accessory that promotes an feeling of originality and one of extreme softness and warmth.

Offer them a real cocoon of happiness!!

50% Polyester
50% Polyacrylic
plaid composition

Very practical, it protects the central sleeping area, the dirtiest part, so that it can be cleaned more often and saves having to completely wash the cover. It is machine washable at 30 ° C.

Its invisible fastening is placed under the cushion by a system of elastic and allows a fast removal, but also gives good support on the surface to avoid being removed at the slightest movement of our companions.

Our choice of fabric has focused on the fabric Animals in imitation fur because its texture is very soft in order to preserve the comfort of our faithful companions. The collection is available in 11 original designs, which allows you to refresh the look of your sofa according to your desires.

plaid for pet sofa lynx
plaid for pet sofa maki
plaid for pet sofa leopard
plaid for pet sofa wolf
plaid for pet sofa bear
plaid for pet sofa zebra
plaid for pet sofa dalmatian
plaid for pet sofa norman
plaid for pet sofa panther
plaid for pet sofa tiger
plaid for pet sofa puma
Original pet plaid
cover for pet sofa reach compliance

This material also offers very good breathing properties.

It is certified by REACH which guarantees protection for human health and the environment from the risks related to chemical substances.

plaid for pet sofa cleaning instructions

Be aware that it is normal for the imitation fur to lose some hair.

After washing, and in order to maintain its cozy appearance, you can gently brush the hair.

Dimensions of the pet plaid