INNOVA is an ideal fabric for any type of interior (it is not recommended for outdoor use). The initial dimension of your cover is intentionally a little larger as it allows for slight shrinkage during the first washings. One of its biggest attributes is its unparalleled ease of cleaning. Just follow these simple steps.

Aspirate bed

• In order to prolong the life of this soft and luxurious fabric, we recommend regular dusting by means of a vacuum cleaner equipped with a special nozzle or preferably with a soft brush. (Avoid using the vacuum cleaner at full power).

Easy clean - Easy to maintain

• Liquid stains: Dab the liquid stain with a highly absorbent material. Then gently dry the area with a clean and dry material to remove the remaining moisture (cotton cloth, paper towels, etc ....). If the liquid stain remains, clean it with a soapy cloth and be careful not to spread it on the fabric. After each movement, clean the soapy cloth so that it remains clean to prevent further dirt spreading.

• Solid particles: Remove excess soiling gently with care to avoid spreading on the rest of the fabric. Remove the solid particle from the surface of the fabric using a soft spatula. Remaining stains should be gently removed using circular friction with a clean, soapy cloth.

• Ballpoint pen and similarly difficult stains: Soak a clean cotton cloth in a white soap solution. Remove the stain by gentle circular friction. Clean the surface with a clean damp cloth and allow the fabric to dry.

•Petroleum and alkaline solvent based alcohol should not be used for cleaning. After any cleaning process, drying should be done with a low drying temperature, preferably by natural methods (but do not expose directly to the sun).

Innova fabric for pet sofa machine washable

We recommend that you follow the washing instructions to preserve the quality and appearance of the Innova fabric.

Fabric washable at 40 ° C

• This upholstery fabric is also machine washable at a maximum temperature of 40 ° C, with a cold rinse and a short spin. Do not twist or squeeze.

Do not twist or squeeze
Do not use bleach

• Do not use bleach.

Machine drying at low temperature

• Machine drying at low temperature. We recommend that you spread out your covers to dry but away from direct sunlight (do not dry near a heat source).

Do not dry near a heat source
Preferably by ironing inside out

• After drying, iron out the creases (preferably by ironing inside out) to a maximum of 100 ° C. Do not use steam.

We advise against dry cleaning

• Do not dry clean.