How to choose a bed for your dog or cat?

Several types of beds are available for pets:

Baskets for dogs and cats, cushion, carpets, armchair, bed, orthopedic mattress, ... 

Do not overlook certain criteria to ensure your pet a bed that provides the necessary comfort while taking into account maintenance issues. With the collaboration of professional carpenters, pet professionals and after numerous tests with our pet friends, we listed a few sensible tips to help you choose the best sleeping bed for your companion.

Important points to know before choosing your bed for dogs or cats:

    • Your pet needs: warmth, privacy, comfort, and a feeling of safety. 
    • You need:simple maintenance, firmness to ensure a longevity for your furniture, and a design that can adapt to your interior.

Given our experience and expertise: the couch type sofa (armchair) is the best choice that suits the requirements of pets and their masters.

Unanimously approved by our cat and dog friends, they can't do without it!

Opt for the best compromise between the comfort of your 4 legged companions, the ease of maintenance, the longevity of your furniture and the design of your interior.