Osteopathy for pets

Osteopathy is a manipulative medicine that is both preventive and curative. It was created by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in 1874 who was the first to treat his patients by looking for the causes of dysfunctions rather than the treatment of symptoms.
According to A. Still: "a body in proper shape will function properly and heal itself".

It was adapted to animals by Veterinary Doctor Dominique Giniaux in the 1980s.

canine and feline osteopathy

This non-intrusive therapy for the body is based on anatomy, physiology and movement.

Through the use of his hands and know-how, the practitioner can prevent or cure certain imbalances of the body. This method of care is based on the fact that the only manipulation of the spine promotes circulation and improves health by letting the body heal itself.

You should know that if the body suffers from a loss of mobility (articular, muscular or visceral), the body will change its balance to avoid pain and adapt to bad postures often in an irreversible way. These compensations can cause a total imbalance of the harmony of the body, the general state of health of the body can deteriorate and thus lead to many chronic diseases.

Osteopathy helps the body to heal by rebalancing it to allow it to regain flexibility and muscle tone to provide a well-being and comfort in everyday life. This method does not only treat locomotor problems but it also acts on the nervous system, respiratory, digestive, …

Pets can’t speak but they have their way of expressing themselves. A change of behavior, the licking of a joint, a loss of appetite, ... will have to attract the attention of their owner. At first, it is important to consult your veterinarian, but the fact remains that the role of the osteopath is decisive for all the problems of mechanical origin (joints, muscles, ...) which can have consequences on their overall health.

Choosing the right osteopath for your dog or cat.

The training followed by the osteopath is obviously of great importance. It is best to choose an exclusive osteopath who is completely dedicated to this technique. But it is also important that your pet trust him and that he agrees to cooperate so that the care will be optimal.

Choosing the right osteopath for your dog or cat
orthopedic mattresses for dogs and cats

Other complementary tips

There are also beds with orthopedic mattresses designed with memory foam to prevent or relieve joint pain.
It is called "memory foam" because at the slightest change of position of the sleeper it returns to its original shape before being readjusted to its new position. This material reacts to the heat of the body, it softens gently to adapt to the morphology and marry the sleeper's body by damping its movements smoothly.

This system will provide your companion with a healthy, relaxing and restful sleep.

As you understand, osteopathy is as effective the human as it is for our pets! It is increasingly advisable to take your pet to an osteopath at least once a year as a preventive measure. But this medicine is complementary and does not replace your veterinarian.

To ensure a long and beautiful life, their best assets will be balanced meals, a good veterinarian and a good osteopath! With of course a good dose of affection and tenderness!