How to maintain good hygiene at home by living with pets?


Some basic rules are even more to respect when living with pets, for example:

  • Wash your hands regularly,
  • Air your interior,
  • Favor the vacuum cleaner compared to the sweeper,
  • Avoid carpets, .... 

ET :

  • Remember to brush your pets regularly,
  • it is useful to wash the dogs from time to time because unlike cats, they do not make their self-toilet: beware some pets are fragile so it is necessary to use a proper shampoo and do not wash them too often.
  • And of course, they must be vaccinated, dewormed and treated regularly against parasites.
Live with pets while maintaining the hygiene of the house


surelevated pet bed

But that's not all, it is imperative that they do not sleep on your beds or on your sofa!

And yes like most of them, especially if we do not offer them any other solution?

Et oui comme la plupart d’entre eux, surtout si on ne leur propose aucune autre solution.

So it's simple, you have to provide them with their personal living space and if possible their own sofa bed because they love to be in an elevated position to be able to monitor everything that's going on.

Moreover, at the practical level, it is much simpler when the bedding is not on the floor because it is not necessary to try to suck the hair that adhere below the bedding (not easy to suck).


But that is not enough! The bedding for dogs or cats must be removable with a COVER WASHABLE IN MACHINE and NOT BY HAND. Check the washing labels if you don't like bad surprise ...

Check the washing labels! Many brands offer pets beds with washable cover but hand washable or sometimes even not washable: not very practical with pets and not very professional.

It is sure that a fabric washed by hand will not suffer from shrinkage problem but this is very restrictive because with pets, it is necessary to wash the covers regularly and the coating will never be disinfected because the duration of a wash at the hand is too short and the temperature will be too low...

And do not try to still pass the cover to the machine, because after a few washes, you will not be able to put it back.

But this type of fabric is much less expensive; moreover this avoids the manufacturers to waste time with the tests of washing and developed (these processes can be very long and therefore very expensive, and it is necessary to reiterate them for each fabric because the reaction can be totally different)!
It is true that at the technical level, it is very difficult to design removable covers that are not too wide before washing to not look like a bag, and too tight after washing. So everything depends on the quality of the coating and the production quality of the manufacturer.
washable removable cover for pet bed washable removable cover for pet bed Giusypop removable cover hand washable removable cover not washable

pet bed production top quality

So everything depends on the quality of the materials
and the production quality of the manufacturer, his know-how.

Attention all the bedding must be removable.

I'm not just talking about the central cushion, but about the entire SOFA: the raised edges or any other parts: for example if there is a drawer on the front, this part should also be removable because it can also to get dirty.
washable cover for pet bed


washable cover for pet sofa

The quality of the coating is also very important.

The quality of the coating is also very important. Better to go on more expensive fabrics but very resistant because our friends on 4 legs are not very attentive. We can control the fabric resistance thanks to rub test called "method Martindale». If you are interested, we will explain in more detail how it works.

But in summary the life of your product and its appearance vary depending on the technical characteristics of the fabric. And for this type of indoor use, the result of the abrasion test must be at least between 20,000 to 100,000 cycles.

If you want a very durable fabric, rest assured with fabrics made of polyester but thick enough to have a good performance.

There are also high-end upholstery fabrics such as the INNOVA fabric, treated with " Easyclean ».Let me explain: this treatment can detach any tasks (up to pen tasks, ketchup, ...) with just water and liquid soap. This technique is very often used for sofas in order to avoid washing the covers permanently at the least task and to preserve the longevity of the appearance of the fabric.

Pet bed fabric with Easyclean treatment

Tissu pour chien certifié Reach

Also prefer fabrics and foams that are certified because you will be assured that no substances harmful to health and the environment are used (eg REACH certification or CERTIPUR foams.) In addition these materials are very often hypoallergenic, because it must be thought that this bed is in your home, so we must protect the whole family !

hypoallergenic dog bed with certipur foam


pet bed with washable cover

If the manufacturer offers optional replacement slipcovers, you can be sure of your purchase. Because if over time, your coating wears or is damaged, it would be a pity that your sleeping is no longer usable!

Et pourquoi pas si vous avez envie de changer la couleur du couchage ?

And why not if you want to change the color of your sofa? Removable is good, but if you do not have spare covers, it means that over time your bedding will be disposable or not at all presentable…

This purchase option ensures the durability of your product and it is also a proof of professionalism!


The perfect bed for our friends cats & dogs must be:

  • COMFORTABLE (prefer: the memory foam mattress: the assurance of a healthy and restful sleep but also to predict or relieve the joint problems of our friends + raised edges so that they feel safer),
  • ROBUST (made of wood : more robust, but must be covered with foam for more comfort), 
  • EASY TO CARE (imperative: fully removable and machine washable), 
  • FUNCTIONAL (a drawer is a + to avoid that you are constantly looking for his things: toys, leash, …), 
  • ORIGINAL & TRENDY (opt for trendy colors and a contemporary shape so that it integrates with any type of interior even in case you decide to change your decoration).

meilleur lit pour chiens
Buy once for all a bed of quality, design and comfortable for your cat or dog and that will suit the whole family !