What kind of sofa for your dog or cat?

Looking for a sofa for dogs and cats: it is important that your choice meets certain criteria.

Things to remember :

        • The sofa or sleeping area should be about 20-30 cm:

from the ground to protect your dog or cat from drafts or cold from the ground, but it must not exceed these dimensions in order to facilitate access (and also think that your pet will age and that if the couch is too high, it will be difficult to climb…). 

            • The furniture should be heavy enough so that it is stable and solid:

              because our friends like to have fun and jump on their bed. The right choice is a wooden sofa because the material is more natural, ecological and robust.

            • Orthopedic sleeping memory foam:

              to prevent or alleviate joint problems of our companions (unfortunately these problems are very common in dogs) and offer a relaxing, healthy and pure sleep. Make sure that the foams are certified to ensure that no substances harmful to your pet's (and family's) health are used. 

            • The armchairs are completely removable:

              but not only the bed, the covers must be completely removable). It is essential that the covers be machine washable. Opt for dense, resistant but breathable materials and choose colors that do not attract too much dirt and hair (avoid black and white), and are resistant to possible teeth or claws. Easy Clean technologies will make your life easier because with a little water and soap you can easily clean your sleeping area. 

            • Spare covers:

              an extra cover is practical and allows you to change covers while one is in the wash, or simply to change colors or replace the cover if the original gets damaged over time. This prevents having to buy a whole new couch. Think about the long term! /p>

            • A storage drawer:

              you will avoid constantly looking for the personal belongings of our friends, such as toys, leashes, ... this allows you to optimize your space.

To avoid :

        • Materials that can cause allergies or contain products harmful to the health of pets and the whole family... 
        • Materials that can be hazardous to our friends like metal, wicker, ... which can cause risks of ingestion.