Why choose a sofa for your dog or cat

There are several explanations for this, but the first is very simple: the bed is elevated, it is not on the ground so the pet is protected from the cold, drafts. It is also important that the pet can feel secure by better seeing what is going on around him… By being both comfortable and strong, the sofa allows pets to have a personal rest area and the raised edges retain better heat and bring a very important safety feeling for our 4-legged friends, they feel more reassured.

Many pet owners have noticed that when their pets have a personal couch, they no longer attempt to climb on to the other seats in the house.

The structure of our wooden sofa is robust and ensures a good stability and a long life.

It is obvious that the basic price is more expensive compared to traditional beds (carpets, baskets, ...) because of the quality of the components and its manufacture. In the end you will save money because you will keep it much longer. It is essential that the wooden structure be covered with a dense but flexible foam so that your pet can sleep comfortably in all positions, even if he wants to spread to the edges.

Finally you have to take into account that you do not buy a sofa only for your dog or cat but also a furniture design that fits perfectly with the decoration of your interior. Why not mix the useful with the pleasant?

Want to avoid your pet from using your sofa?

Give everyone their living space – offer him his own sofa!