What size of sofa for your dog or cat?

Some prefer to roll up in a ball to feel safe and others adore spreading out. The sofa should not be too big or too small.

It also really depends on your pet's habits.

This is why it is important that your sofa be lined with a foam so that your dog or cat can also put his head on the edges if he desires.

Additional comfort cushions can also allow you to adapt the sofa to the position of the pet.

We have carried out many tests with our friends cats and dogs of different sizes in order to realize a size chart which will guide you in your choice.

It should be known that most pets prefer to roll up in a ball…

But the important thing is to give him the choice so that his sleep is relaxing, healthy and pure, and that he feels good in his own living space.

Choose a sofa that has raised edges to give your dog or cat a sense of protection and safety.

And think about the long term and the fact that you might want to re-style your home. Choose shapes so that you can adapt it harmoniously to your decoration.