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Armonia dog and cat sofa Design & Comfort
  •  1 Pet toy : Giusy the chatoune or Pop the molosser
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  •  1 Leather key holder

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Pack description

Pet bed with memory foam cushion and drawer

Innovative high-quality fabric cover: Highly wear-resistant - Soft touch - Easy to clean (Easy Clean Technology) - Machine washable at 40° c.
Orthopedic and relaxing cushion in memory foam.
3 comfort cushions.
Total opening drawer.

1 Pet toy Giusy the chatoune or Pop the molosser

Handmade - Made with the fabric of the sofa armonia and decorated with the imitation fur of the plaid.
We promise to pay approximately 50% ex tax. of the price of the mascot to an association fighting for the protection of animals.
*Colour random next available stock (grey or taupe depending on stock available).


1 Giusypop leather holder - Handmade